Smt. N. KAMALA SASTRY, Correspondent of the Siddardha College of Education, N.K. Institute of Medical Lab Technology, Siddardha College of Computer Sciences - MCA, MBA & MAM (Dual Degree)., is an array of Colleges on which Krishna murthy memorial Technical Education & Cultural Society takes pride and prestige. Smt. N. Kamala Sastry played a key role in developing research driven educational policies for the Society which are aimed at breaking plateau of communication skills among of the students who hail from rural and backward areas or the region. The idea of promoting research driven, I.T. Education and among the rural and backward sections of the region is the brain child of Smt. N.Kamala Sastry to educate the people to address the grave issues of counterfeit medicine, mortality and morbidity associated with irrational drug administration.More About Correspondent....


In the present Society, Technology occupied prominent place for the human welfare and development. A meagre literate is not enough. He has to acquire technology for survival. A Nation’s strength is its people, natural resources, technology and its improvement.

When we talk about the state of Andhra Pradesh, It is one of the greatest pride to our Nation that the State has become the gate - way for technology and technical man power. In the recent years, the State has produced numerous people as technical experts in the field of Engineering and Technology. The State’s contribution is 14% of technical man power in Nation building. But still, there is a lot to be done to meet the growing demands of the Society

In this scenario, SIDDARDHA COLLEGE OF COMPUTER SCIENCES with MCA Course in the academic year 2008, MBA Course in the year 2009 & MAM Course in the year 2012 was established with dynamic, energetic and visionary management, with excellent and continuous track record.

This institution is approved by All India Council for Technical Education ( A I C T E ), recognized by Government of Andhra Pradesh and affiliated to Vikrama Simhapuri University, Nellore. The Governance and Management of the institution is strictly in accordance with the vision, mission and quality policy statements of this management and the norms, standards, systems and practices laid down and various executive directions issued by AICTE, Vikrama Simhaopuri University, Government of Andhra Pradesh and such other related regulatory bodies of the Government. More About Our College....

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